Schleich Veterinarian practice


Schleich veterinarian practice with pets.


Schleich veterinarian practice from the Schleich® Farm World collection.

In the Schleich veterinarian practice from the Schleich® Farm World all the animal patients are lovingly treated and nursed back to health. The vet makes sure of it. She always has the right equipment ready. With the help of the X-ray image hanging on the wall, the vet can treat her patients on the examination table and quickly takes the right medication out of her doctor’s case. She can also check the weight of the rabbits using her scale, and they recover quickly out on the field. Then it’s time for the next patient.

Contains:1x vet practice, 1x vet, 1x Haflinger foal, 1x Dalmatian puppy, 1x kitten, 2x rabbit, 1x mouse, 1x dog basket, 1x blanket, 1x bowl, 1x drinking bottle, 1x feeding rack, 1x bone, 1x carrot, 1x laptop, 1x vet’s case, 1x medicine bottle, 1x stethoscope, 1x syringe, 2x bandage, 4x fence, 1x sticker sheet

Imaginative play toys are wonderful to assist a child’s development.

Dimensions W35cm x D32cm x H17 cm
Age: 3-8 years


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