about us

A love and a kiss was started in 2014 by myself, Nicola Craven as an on line toy store.

We are based on a farm in rural East Yorkshire, where I live with my husband Simon, children Phoebe and Stanley and several hundred ducks and pigs!

Phoebe and Stanley both love being on the farm and there is lots around to feed their inquisitive nature. They love learning how things work, creating and making new things and, like any children living on a farm, tractors!

I started this company as I wanted a place to sell the kind of toys and games which we have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy playing with. To share the joy, the learning experiences and, of course, the moments of blissful peace some toys can provide.

Everything we sell has experienced the most extreme of testing and faced a very strict panel of judges: Phoebe and Stanley!

So, why “a love and a kiss”? Well in our home no one can go to sleep until they’ve had a love and a kiss.

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