Fisher Price Chatter telephone


The classic Fisher Price chatter telephone.


Fisher Price Chatter Telephone. Re-introducing classics from your childhood. Fisher Price set standards for each of their toys that are still in place today. These standards included: intrinsic play value, ingenuity, strong construction, better value and action.

Fisher Price chatter telephone was introduced in 1961. This is a better toy for providing pretend play for children with its friendly interactive design. This friendly phone is ready for a whole new generation of children to enjoy.
The telephone encourages imaginative play which is better for babies and toddlers as they grow and develop. The Chatter Telephone makes children smile with eyes that move up and down and a rotary dial that rings. Children will love taking part in role-play fun as they learn and play

This pretend play toy features a string so children can pull it along when they’re learning to walk and a fresh design incorporates elegant illustrations giving the product a special vintage feel.
Suitable from twelve months up.


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