Fisher Price record player


Fisher Price record player.


Fisher Price record player. Re-introducing classics from your childhood. Fisher-price set standards for each of their toys that are still in place today; these standards included: intrinsic play value, ingenuity, strong construction, better value and action.
Introduced in 1971, the Fisher Price record player music toy comes with five playable records, making up 10 songs; place one of the records on the turntable, wind it up and place the needle on the record to hear 10 timeless melodies.

A better toy for providing pretend play for children as they use their creativity while they learn; the records store conveniently inside the record player and it includes a carrying handle for tunes on the go.

Children will love to sing-along as they develop their auditory senses and language development, while a fresh design incorporates elegant illustrations giving the product a special vintage feel.

Suitable from 18 months.


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