Schleich 42572- mobile chicken coop


Schleich mobile chicken coop comes with a Cockerill, hen, chick and eggs. It makes a lovely addition to the schleich collection.

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After a restful night in the chicken coop, the rooster hops to the rooftop to welcome the morning sun. Cock-a-doodle-doo! Mother hen is the first to awaken…she’s already pecking for seeds and grain. Open the roof of the Mobile Chicken Coop and peek inside…oooh, look! There are eggs in the nest! The cutest chick ever is hungry for breakfast. What will your farm animals do today?

1x mobile chicken coop with side swing door, stowaway ramp and brooding box, 1x rooster, 1x hen, 1x chick, 1x eggs


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