Foldaway unicorn castle

Foldaway unicorn castle with twelve wooden play pieces.


Foldaway Unicorn Castle. I simply love toys that tidy away easily, which have their own home and are easily transportable.
This toy ticks all those boxes.

The Foldaway Unicorn Castle is easily packed away and carried wherever whenever.

Children will enjoy arranging the wooden figures to create their own story with our variety of people, horses, carriage, plants and flowers.
This is a wonderful toy to begin to develop the all important role play and imaginative play skills. Fine motor skills will also begin to develop as children place the pieces and walk them into the castle for safe keeping.

Casing is cardboard and shuts magnetically, the carry handle is a strong woven material, all pieces are wooden.

Suitable for 18 months up.

Size: 42x25x17 cm


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